MOD Player
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MOD Player

If you have any of the following questions:
Is there a media player for MOD files?
Why my computer can not play MOD file?
How to play a .mod file on computer?
Is playing MOD files in Windows Media Player possible?

This MOD Player will be your best choice, it can perfectly convert MOD files to all popular video formats, so that you can easily watch these videos with general media players and portable devices.

MOD is the tapeless video format used by JVC, Panasonic, and Canon in some models of digital camcorders. MOD is used exclusively for standard definition video files. MOD video can be viewed on a computer with a player that is capable of reproducing MPEG-2 video. MOD is fully compliant with DVD-video standard. But MOD video can't be recognized by lots of media players and video editing software, and it can't be played by most portable devices. You can use MOD Player to convert MOD videos to all popular video formats to get better compatibility.

There are rich encoding settings provided by MOD Player for you to customize the output quality. And you are allowed to edit MOD videos as you want with this versatile tool. You can trim MOD video to get any segment, crop MOD video to get specified playing area, merge multiple MOD videos, and adjust video effects, applying deinterlacing, etc.

Free download MOD Player to manage your own recorded videos more easily.

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MOD Player works on Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP and Windows Vista, if you are using Apple Mac OS, please choose AVCHD Player for Mac.

How to play a .mod file?

You can use MOD Player to convert MOD files to popular video formats, then you can freely watch these videos with general media players.

Download and install MOD Player, then launch this tool.

media player for mod files

Step 1. Click "Add File" button to load MOD files.

Step 2. Open "Profile" drop-down list and choose the output format as required. Click "Settings" button to adjust video and audio encoding settings.

cannot play mod file

Step 3. Click "Browse" button and choose a folder to store converted videos.

Step 4. Hit "Start" button to start the converting.

After a while, you will get videos in specified format, such as get MP4 videos for playback on PS3, get WMV, AVI, ASF videos for playing MOD files in Windows Media Player, etc. MOD Player is the most handy tool to edit and convert MOD files for your diverse applications.